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Vimeo is the Internet's most popular ad-free video sharing platform. Of course, you already know that. What you might not know, is that unlike on Youtube, it is also possible to download Vimeo mp4 video files directly to your computer. To download Vimeo videos, simply copy the URL of a Vimeo video you love, and paste it into the above search bar.

Download Vimeo mp4 Video Files in Seconds

People download Vimeo videos to watch and share trending content offline. However, when you download a Vimeo mp4 video file, you can also do so to edit clips to use in your own media productions.

● Download Vimeo videos to use clips in your own video projects, as per your right under ‘fair use.’

● Save Vimeo videos on your computer to watch videos free from online buffering caused by slow Internet connections.

● Download Vimeo videos to quickly backup your own Vimeo uploads and/or share Vimeo content offline.

We provide the best Vimeo downloader currently available online. Our service is also instantly accessible to anyone. You don’t need to sign up. Neither do you need to subscribe to our mailing list. You simply download videos in seconds, as and when you need to.

How to Download Vimeo Videos - A Step by Step Guide

Getting started with our Vimeo video downloader is easy.

Step 1. Copy the URL of a Vimeo video you wish to download.

Step 2. Paste the URL into the above search bar.

Step 3. Click ‘download’ and select the quality of the video you would like to download.

After selecting the quality of your video download, a new video player window will open. Here, click the bottom right corner of the video in the player and click ‘download.’

Is it Legal to Download Vimeo Videos?

Vimeo is home to over 80 million online video creators. All are passionate about sharing their work. However, creators also invest considerable time and personal expense creating videos you love.

Because of the time and resources which go into creating Vimeo videos, creators do file copyright claims when people attempt to distribute their work without their permission.

How to Download Vimeo Videos Legally

As the Internets best Vimeo downloader, we make it possible to download any video hosted on Vimeo. However, users of our service should never download videos with a view to redistributing content as their own.

● Never download a Vimeo video to republish in full on Vimeo or third-party platforms like Youtube, unless you have permission to do so.

● Fair use in copyright law allows Vimeo downloaders to reuse clips and video excerpts in their own productions. However, a downloaded video should never be republished in its entirety.

● If you download Vimeo mp4 files, this should be for personal or fair use purposes only. This means that you should not attempt to monetize videos or clips, by selling these on places like stock video marketplaces.

Can I Download Videos to my Phone?

As the best Viemo downloader online, we make it easy to download Vimeo mp4 video files to PCs and mobile devices. If using a mobile browser, simply make sure that you have enough free storage space to download and store your chosen video.

Our Vimeo Downloader is Always Free

When using our Vimeo video downloader, you will never be asked to register with our site or make any kind of payment. Our video downloader is 100% free and always will be. This being the case, what are you waiting for?